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Did Someone say Brunch?

DISCLAIMER: This post might make you hungry… just saying


I hope you all had a great week. I for one have just finished making a batch of pancakes for a friend which led me to reminisce the days when I would be savouring delicious pancakes and enjoying a scrumptious brunch at The Breakfast Club in London.

So to kick off my first foodie adventure post, I am going to share with you the place that makes one of the best pancakes in London (according to me of course!).

Being avid foodies that we were, my friend and I had made a bucket list of food joints we wanted to try in London and on top of the list was The Breakfast Club. So, one sunny Sunday (which is actually a rare sight to see in London), Danz and I made our way to Soho, (one of the many locations) only to find a queue of people waiting to get in at The Breakfast Club. This, however, was not going to stop us and so we braced ourselves and joined the queue.

TIP #1: Prep yourself as you will most probably have to queue for at least an hour before you can make it inside but trust me it’s worth it.Wear warm clothes, carry an umbrella and maybe bring a book or something to kill the time.

ONE HOUR LATER, we made our way inside, excited and starved. The atmosphere was chilled and the decor was unique – they had a wall full of postcards, pictures and small memorabilia given to them by the clients. This, added a cozy element to the place along with an edgy charm.

Everything on the menu looked so good and my hunger made me want to order pretty much everything but I finally went with the poached eggs, avocado and potatoes (which, unfortunately, they don’t do anymore but the avocado on rye is just as good) and pancakes and berries (which I shared with Dania) and a hot chocolate with marshmallows, because nothing beats that during the London winter.

TIP #2: The portions are reasonably generous so ordering one or two dishes off the menu to share with your friends is a good idea. You get to taste different dishes and you don’t waste the food.

Our waiter was friendly and helpful, and our food came after a reasonable amount of time (considering we waited for an hour outside).

And let me just say, it worth the wait ! The food was sooooo good. The pancakes were probably the best I’ve ever tasted and as I am writing this post, I can smell the freshness of those berries, the sweetness of the maple syrup and the home-made Chantilly cream that they gave us so generously if I made add (and trust me, you’d want the extra spoons!)

The very starved me, gulped down each bite with delight and sipped away the hot coco with melted mallows. It was the perfect Sunday Brunch.

I did go there again (of course!) and even checked out the location in Angel, which by the way is much smaller and can feel little crammed. But the area is so pretty and they have some interesting shops. I, however, would suggest the Soho joint – to me, it was more accessible and a good walk around Oxford Street and Carnaby is good way to digest all that delicious food.

TIP #3: Avoid eating anything before because you are going to want to enjoy the meal.

So my foodie adventurers, if you’re looking for a brunch spot around Central London, I would definitely recommend the Breakfast Club. It really doesn’t get better than that.

P.S the Pancakes & Berries became my go-to order


Have a lovely Sunday

Love Always,


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