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Confinement in all its Glory

Life imposes things on you that you can’t control, but you still have the choice of how you’re going to live through this.” – Celine Dion


The Covid-19 pandemic was probably the last thing we thought would happen in 2020. The world’s economy has taken a serious hit leaving us all anxious, on edge and somewhat stressed. As we islanders look forward to the confinement period being finally over, I can’t help but feel relieved to go back to normalcy or at least some extent of what the new normal would be like.

The lockdown period gave us all an opportunity to really introspect, but more importantly, it gave something we keep complaining we don’t have…


This period of confinement, which has felt like a curse to some, has actually been quite a blessing to me. I finally mustered the courage to start my blog; something I have been saying I’d do since what seemed like forever.

So as the lockdown period comes to an end (hopefully!), here is a few takeaways that are #foodforthought as I break down my take on the confinement in all its glory.

Change is the Only Constant

As beings, we constantly evolve and change and though it may not always be an easy transition, it is in our nature to adapt to the circumstances that are thrown at us. Change is the only thing that pushes us to grow. I look back at who I was at the beginning of 2020 and who I am now, and it’s funny yet exciting to see how far I’ve come. There were things and people I thought I could not live without and yet here I am surviving and growing. Change is messy, confusing and at times painful but if we learn to go with the flow and accept, we truly emerge out of it stronger and better.

The Universe Always has Other Plans for You

With the confinement, a lot of our plans have been put on halt. And while it may seem like a bad thing now, I am certain that down the line, we will see that it wasn’t so bad after all. This is a lesson I learnt a while back but with the confinement, it has become a reinforced belief.

The curveballs that life has thrown at me, has taught to be flexible with my plans and goals. Over time, I have learned to sit tight, ride that wave and just let the Universe do its thing. I believe in a thing we call Divine Timing. That is, if you trust the Universe then it shall deliver to you the right thing at the right time. Now this may sound like a load of bull, but just think for a second. Was there something you wanted so badly but did not get it right when you wanted it. But then, a couple of months or maybe years later, some thing better came along? Thats what we call Divine Timing. So people, keep working hard towards your goals but learn to trust the Universe.

You’ll see, when you put all the pieces together, it will all make sense in the end.

We Can Live Without the Things We Think We Can’t

As a consumer, we have become so accustomed to living with a certain level of convenience and freedom. So when that is taken away from us, we are left perplexed with the feeling of how the hell are we going to function. When I lived in London, I became so used to the way of life there that when I came back to Mauritius, I experienced what we call a reversal culture shock. I was finding it hard to live in my own home land (dramatic right?). But as time went by, I begun slowly adapting to a new way of life and as I made the necessary changes, I started to find my comfort zones again.

Similarly, when this confinement period began, a lot us felt confused as our day-to-day living had changed drastically but as the days have gone by, despite the fact that we have been stranded in our homes, we are still surviving, without the things that we thought we absolutely needed. How? because it is in our nature to adapt to our surroundings and hence our circumstances.

Family Time is Important

When we have each other, we have EVERYTHING

This confinement period has emphasised on the importance of family. Now I don’t think I made up for the lost time because honestly I don’t think we ever do, but this lockdown period has given me a great opportunity to bond with my parents. We have created our own little rituals of movie nights and family cooking sessions which has reinforced the belief in me that family is important. Now it has not always been roses and rainbows during the last month but being able to spend time with my parents has probably been the most precious blessing that this confinement period has given to me.

Put Yourself First Always

Not all of us are lucky to be spending the lockdown period with family or roommates and while I know some of you out there are confined on your own, which may feel unpleasant and lonely, it emphasises on the ideology that we are born alone and shall die alone. Not to make this sound morbid, but this confinement period has given me a lot of time (a little bit too much) to realise that ultimately, we have to be a little bit selfish. It’s taught me to put myself first, especially on the days that I have felt low and unmotivated to do anything. Because whether you realise it or not, this lockdown does take a toll on your mental health. Coming back to what I said in one of my previous blog post (click here to read it), you have to be your own best friend because in the end, no one will support you and be there for you as much as you are to yourself. So on the days you feel low, indulge yourself with some good food, watch your favourite movie, do something you love or simply do nothing but whatever you do, be kind to yourself.

On an ending note, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people working on the frontline who are risking their lives to make sure we are safe.

And I do hope you are all keeping safe #StayHomeStaySafe

Love Always,

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