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Confessions of An Ex-Undergrad

DISCLAIMER: As I cleaned out my Dropbox, I stumbled upon this blog post I once wrote in 2013, and while looking back at this time, I thought it was something I wanted to share with you all as my first blog post; my 21 year-old self’s take on uni life.


Our life is made up of many small and big adventures that are all unique in its very own twisted way. Some are good while others, not so much. But in all this twist and turn of adventures comes a moment when you look back and realise how time has flown and how much has changed. Most importantly you realise how much you have grown and evolved as a person. Amongst my many small adventures, is that of my student life.

It has been the one that has taught me the most.

Now I know my blog has nothing special to it that draws attention, as I am here simply blogging about what I know best and that is, the small and big life experiences I have acquired and how they’ve shaped who I am today. There is nothing special about me that should make me stand out from the rest of those millions of students that have gone to university. But yet, here I am sitting and blogging about the twists and turns of being a student at university. Why? Well, it’s because I believe we all go through this phase, especially, those that have left home to study abroad. For us, “international student”, this life is truly an adventure because we leave all behind so that one day we stand proud of what we have accomplished with a degree in our hands. 

Not so long ago, I came to London with an overloaded suitcase and tears in my eye as I left home behind. On one hand I was excited for this new beginning and on the other I was scared of the unknown future that awaits me. Gradually I adapted and created a world of my own with new friends, new experiences, a new home but most importantly a new Life. I look back at that time and remember how scared I was. It was a new place with new people but most importantly it was a new culture. Having been born on a small island like Mauritius, being an international student was completely out of my comfort zone and this new beginning was scary. Though I considered England as a second home and I was familiar to its surroundings, it took me a while to adapt to this new culture, but eventually you do….

Looking back at this time makes me realise how far I’ve come. It is this experience, those moments that have contributed in making me the person I am today. I have learned so much from being a student abroad: from grocery shopping to laundry washing to managing a small budget – being a student living abroad has helped me to grow and become independent.

So on a conclusive note, to those students planning on studying abroad, a little piece of advise, BE PREPARED! Life won’t be easy… but it will teach you to be grateful for the life you live back home.

However, I will tell you this.. Be enthusiastic, join societies, go to the “welcome” parties, make friends with people from different cultures, travel and explore. Really put yourself out there and don’t be afraid. Learn to understand yourself, who you are, what you like but most importantly who you want to become, for one day you will look back and be thankful for this experience.

Love Always,

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