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The Perks & Lessons of 2021

After being away for almost a year from blogging, I am back! .... so let's kick off 2022 with some good vibes and a new blog post!

I have a whole lot of foodie adventures to share with you this year, but let's begin the first post with some soul-digging introspection and a bundle of wisdom; in short, what has 2021, two lockdowns, a never-ending pandemic and some personal challenges taught me...

Here are my 3 main takeaways... Let's dive in!

1. Adapting is Key!

You can have as many plans and goals as you want to but never be adamant to never changing them.

Have a goal but never a fixed plan.

Life will throw at you some unexpected curveballs forcing you to rethink and re-evaluate the way things are currently. I went from going to the office everyday to working from home which most of times meant longer working hours.

Being confined forced us to learn how to live differently, from wearing a mask to refraining from hugging your friend when you seeing them, we have been obliged to change the way we live.

It hasn't been an easy ride but when you begin to simply adapt and adjust to how things are, you begin to feel less burdened and anxious. In short, you learn what it means to let go and simply go with the flow.

2. Know Your Worth & Believe in yourself

I was tested in more ways than one this past year, which most of the times meant questioning my decisions and my self-worth.

We often don't realise the pressure we are surrounded by, whether its the way society dictates our lives, or the peer pressure that comes from social media or our surroundings - so when we begin to question our potential, this creates some serious emotional and mental damage to the way to look at our ourselves.

So then how do we fix this?

Begin to believe in yourself, read self-help books, listen to motivational podcasts, basically do the inner work so that you ultimately learn to do the most important thing in life: love yourself above all to know what you are worth.

3. Time is a Luxury

Whether it was the Covid, or some other illness, we, unfortunately lost a lot of lives this past year.

The biggest lesson of 2021 for me is that time is truly a luxury which we so often take for granted.

I lost a closed one this past year who I hadn't spoken to or see in over a year. I kept telling myself, I have time, I'll see her when I am on holiday but that moment never came... The day I got the news of her passing, I felt myself filled with regret because deep down I knew that if I truly had made the time, I would have gone to see her or at least called her.

So my last lesson to you all is to make the most by spending time with your closed ones, check up on them when you can, tell them you love them - don't take your relationships for granted with the assumption that "they will always be around".

The past year has been a tough one (for me at least) but I am eternally grateful for the lessons it has taught me. I began 2022 with so much gratitude of the experiences I now hold dear to me - that, for me, is the biggest perk of the year 2021.

Love Always,

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