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Salty Goodness

Every now and then, it's important to disconnect to be able to unwind, relax and reconnect with yourself.

After a crazy start to 2022, I felt like I needed a weekend getaway. So with that in mind I ended booking a weekend at the colourful and vibrant Salt of Palmar.

Located in the East of the island, this beautiful adult boutique hotel thrives on being eco-friendly, sustainable and authentic. Being quite the "instagram-able hotel", the interior is rich in a colour palette of warm cheerful tones that puts a smile to your face the minute you walk in.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with warmth and a friendly smile which is something that was there throughout our stay.

The room, being small was super cosy and relaxed. Exactly what I needed! While they don't have a TV, they do have a cool sound system that you can connect your phone to. This was refreshing as it truly obliged you to disconnect from the outside world.

The hotel is small and aside from chilling by the pool and enjoying their rooftop bar, sipping away cocktails, you truly are in the environment that propels you to relax 🧘🏻‍♀️

The spa offers a Himalayan Salt room which I didn't get to try, but will do so next time for sure.

Now onto the highlight of the my weekend! The FOOOOD! 😁

As we were on an all inclusive package, we were offered lunch upon arrival. and boy it was so worth it to not have had breakfast that morning!

My lunch recommendation: the shrimp pasta! 🦐🍝

We opted out for dessert as we saw that pancakes and waffles were on the menu and those waffles were too good! Crunchy but soft and delicately coated in maple syrup... it went well with the latte ☕

Given that we have a late lunch, we decided to have dinner a little later (we weren't gonna skip that!) so we relaxed by the pool then proceeded to getting all dolled up for drinks at the rooftop bar.

Heads up! The setting is nice and while you don't see much at night, it is worth the try!

Then came dinner... which was so good that my friend had to take a little break, only to be able to finish her meal 😂

For starters, we tried the crevettes croquette, which were so good I forgot to take a picture. As main, I opted for the braised deer risotto and my friend had the pork ribs, then came dessert where I had the butternut squash pie which was to die for!

A dinner like that followed by a good night sleep in that heavenly bed was a great end to a good day.

Breakfast was a foodie's dream come true! From buttery croissants to avocado on toast to waffles topped with banana and rum, it truly was a breakfast of champions.

What I loved about Salt, was their emphasis on quality. Be it in their food, their service, their rooms, they truly ensure that your stay with them (no matter how short) is well enjoyed. I couldn't have asked for a better way to disconnect.

.... it was Salty in all its vibrant goodness! 🧡

Love Always,


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